Commissioner Job Descriptions


The selection process and the criteria for appointment as a commissioner will vary depending on the commissioner position. The Commissioner Corps volunteer positions include: Unit Commissioner, Assistant District Commissioner, Roundtable Commissioner, District Commissioner, Assistant Council Commissioner, and Council Commissioner.

Unit Commissioner patch


Unit Commissioners are appointed by the district commissioner with the approval of the council executive board. The Unit Commissioner is a generalist whose overriding mission in Scouting is to help units succeed.


Unit commissioners should-

Have excellent people skills.

Have a Scouting background or be fast-track learners.

Know and practice Scouting ideals.


Assistant District Commissioner patch

Assistant District Commissioners are appointed by the district commissioner with the approval of the council executive board. A district may have one or more Assistant District Commissioners. Each ADC is responsible for an assigned share of the units in the district, and the unit Commissioners who serve those units. Assistant District Commissioners are often assigned a geographic or specialty area of the district. The ADC's work closely with the District Commissioner and the district executive.


Assistant district commissioners should-

Be able to recruit and work through a team of unit commissioners.

Have excellent people skills.

Have a broad Scouting background or be fast-track learners.

Know and practice Scouting ideals.

Scout Roundtable Commissioner patch


Roundtable Commissioners are appointed by the district commissioner with the approval of the council executive board. A district may have one or more Roundtable Commissioners.


Roundtable commissioners should-

Be congenial and enthusiastic performers.

Have the ability to recruit a roundtable staff.

Have a good Scouting program background in the program for which they will run roundtables.

Be a good planner.



District Commissioners are approved and appointed by the council executive board, with the concurrence of the Scout executive, on the recommendation of the district nominating committee. The District Commissioner leads the Commissioner staff of the district, guiding and measuring the district's unit service program.


District commissioners should-

Be widely respected in the community.

Be an enthusiastic leader of adults.

Have the ability to recruit a complete team of commissioners for their districts.

Have the ability to guide and motivate commissioners to visit units regularly, identify unit needs, and help unit adults to meet needs

Be a role model of Scouting ideals.



Assistant Council Commissioners are appointed by the council commissioner with the approval of the council executive board. Assistant council commissioners should have some of the criteria for district commissioners and/or council commissioners.


Council Commissioner is elected at the annual meeting of the local council after selection by the council nominating committee.


The council commissioner shouldcouncil_commissioner_patch-

Have the ability and proven experience to lead and meet objectives through a large structure of other people.

Become a role model of exceptional Scouting service to units throughout the council.

Be a person with a vision of how a good unit program helps youth stay in the program long enough to learn Scouting values.

Have the ability to develop a good working relationship with the Scout executive and professional staff advisor, characterized by mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual recognition of each other's role and competency.


See the Commissioner Manuals for more details on commissioner criteria and responsibilities.



To better assist you in your endeavors as a commissioner you are able to see at-a-glance what some key responsibilities are for each job title. Review all the requirements to asses the commitment you are make as a commissioner. Commissioners must not be registered simultaneously as unit leaders. Some commissioners may be registered on a unit committee because they have a son in the unit or because of previous personal history in the unit, but their principle Scouting obligation should be with commissioner responsibilities. Commissioners may be currently registered in only one commissioner position.


Unit Commissioner

·  Help each unit earn the Journey to Excellence Award.

·  Use the annual Commissioner service plan, with its scheduled opportunities for Commissioner contact with units.

·  Know each phase of the Scouting program and keep current by reviewing Scouting program literature.

·  Visit unit meetings and observe the unit in action and determine the degree to which the descriptions in the literature are being followed. Only if called upon, participate or help in some of the regular activities of the unit.

·  Visit regularly with the unit leader and listen to what the unit leader has to say. Offer encouragement and support and help the leader see new opportunities for improvement, but always maintain the best possible relationship with unit leadership. Help the leader with forms and applications. Encourage unit participation in district and council program events and training opportunities.

·  Work to ensure effective and active unit committees. Visit with the unit committee periodically and observe the committee in action, offer suggestions for improvement and work with the committee to solve problems and improve unit operation.

·  Keep in touch with the chartered organizations of the units you serve. Meet and orient the chartered organization representative. Meet the head of the organization and explain your role as helper of units. Help develop a good relationship between unit leaders and chartered organization leaders.

·  Know the neighborhood in which your units are located so that you can help graduating members of one program join the next level of Scouting (e.g. Webelos to Boy Scouts).


Assistant District Commissioners

·  Recruit enough Unit Commissioners to serve their assigned units and areas.

·  Conduct personal coaching and orientation sessions for unit Commissioners.

·  Maintain regular contact with their Unit Commissioners to provide guidance in unit service needs.

·  Serve units with no assigned Unit Commissioner.

·  Help Unit Commissioners evaluate and improve their unit service performance.   


Roundtable Commissioners

·  Recruit and train a staff qualified to put on quality roundtables for unit personnel.

·  Plan monthly roundtable programs.

·   Make all arrangements for roundtables including meeting places, equipment, and supplies.

·   Conduct regular critiques to determine how roundtables can be improved.


District Commissioners

·  Recruit and train a full staff of Commissioners.

·  Oversee the Commissioner training program.

·  Work with the district chairman and executive as a member of the district's Key 3.

·  Plan and preside at the monthly meeting of the District Commissioner staff.

·  Attend district committee meeting to report on conditions of units and to secure specialized help for units.

·  Represent the district as a member of the council commissioner’s cabinet.  

·  Help the District achieve Journey to Excellence status.


Assistant Council Commissioners

A council may utilize one or more Assistant Council Commissioners (ACC's).  Each ACC will report to the Council Commissioner and will assist the Council Commissioner in specific assigned areas of responsibility in order to best serve the youth and volunteer leadership in the council.  


Council Commissioner is elected at the annual meeting of the local council after selection by the council nominating committee.

·  Report to the Council President and serve as an officer of the local council, a member of its Executive Board and Executive Committee, and as a National Council member representing the local council.

·  Be responsible for the unit service function of the council.

·  Chair the regular meetings of the District Commissioners.

·  Provide sufficient training opportunities so that every Commissioner receives training shortly after commissioning.

·  Plan and conduct an annual Commissioner Conference or College for training, recognition, and morale.

·  Appoint Assistant Council Commissioners.

·  Encourage and help District Commissioners recruit full staffs. Assist in recruiting District Commissioners as needed.

·  Verify that proper techniques are used to select and recruit unit leaders.

·  Maintain Boy Scouts of America standards of uniforming, wearing of insignia, use of the program, and other policies and procedures.

·  Promote the Journey to Excellence award as a standard of performance and ensure, through the District Commissioners, recognition of unit leaders and units achieving this standard.

·  Be responsible, through the District Commissioners, for the presentation of program plans, ideas, and materials via effective district roundtables.

·  Be responsible, through the District Commissioners, for the effective use of the annual service plan to ensure the health and tenure of units.

·  Keep the President and Executive Board apprised of the condition of units.

·  Cooperate with the Membership/Relationships chairman to successfully conduct the annual membership recruiting effort.

·   Serve as a member of the Council Key 3.


View Commissioner Resources for more information.



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