Commissioner FAQs

Question: Do I need to meet with each of my units monthly?
Answer: Unit Commissioners should meet with the unit at least every other month, normally visits are rotated. This means that you meet with the unit the first month, then the unit committee meeting the second month, and finally the Chartered Organization the third month. You then begin the rotation all over. The final decision rests with your District Commissioner.

Question: Are you assigned to a unit, or do you choose a unit?
Answer: Each District handles things a bit differently; normally Unit Commissioners are assigned three units. Most District Commissioners or Assistant District Commissioner's want to place a Unit Commissioner where they will be the most effective.

Question: What is the Unit Program Planning Process? What is the Annual Service Plan? Where do we get these?
Answer: The "Unit Program Planning Process" is a specific, step-by-step approach to assuring an excellent program within the unit. Each leaders' handbook for respective Scouting programs (Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity and Venturing) have guidelines for this process that helps in developing annual, monthly and weekly programs. The Annual Service Plan is a process for which unit commissioners are responsible. It is outlined in the Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service (BSA pub 33621), and includes elements such as membership inventory, uniform inspections, leadership inventory, Quality Unit measurement, to name only a few. 

Question: Why is there no Scouting program for kindergartners? 
Answer: Hey, you have to start somewhere. Our Tiger program is very successful in the first grade, and it seems to be a great starting point. We really want to support that program. Perhaps in the future, National will consider a kindergarten-level program?

Question: When does a Unit Commissioner step in and/or interfere at Unit meetings?
Answer: NEVER. It's not your meeting. You're there to observe. If there are problems, you could lightly bring them up when talking to the Unit leader during a private meeting.

Question: When should a Unit Commissioner take over a new unit from the New Unit Coordinator or DE? 
Answer: It would be advisable to be involved as early as possible in the process. Jump in as soon as you know the players.

Question: Should you go to a Den meeting to evaluate?
Answer: This is not usually a good idea. Unit Commissioners should visit Unit level meetings and Committee meetings. Going to the Den level meeting wouldn't give you the objectivity of the whole Unit that you would be looking for.

Question: What are the best ways to recruit adult leaders at a Troop level?
Answer: Your best choices are: parents, charter organization members, skilled members of the community, and other interested parties.


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