Research on Benefits of Scouting

The Boy Scouts of America, through its Research & Evaluation Team, produces major studies to assist in telling the story of how Scouting contributes to the lives of youth and volunteers and to their communities.  This information includes statistically valid results of program outcomes.  Click the title for downloadable documents.

Strategic Plan Research
Two major national studies, "Reaching America's Next Multicultural Generation" and "Reaching Generation X and Millennial Parents," examine in detail how to reach these specific demographics.

Values of Americans
Findings from this study indicate positive outcomes for men who were Scouts as youth and for current youth members, especially for those who have been in Scouting for five or more years.

Volunteer Outcomes Study
Volunteers who become involved in Scouting in order to share their skills and values with young people find learning, growth, and fulfillment in the experience.

Summer Camp Outcomes Study
This study infers that positive outcomes of Scout summer camp occur because the environment and activities at camp incorporate all of the elements of healthy youth development.

A Year in the Life
This independent study finds that the Scouting program has positive benefits for youth, families, and communities.

Research from Secondary Sources
Documents and PowerPoint presentations have been created by the Research & Evaluation Team:

The Environmental Scan [PDF] A tool to assist councils with the development of strategic plans, marketing, fund-raising, recruiting, and presentations. It includes an indexed summary of societal trends affecting the BSA.

PowerPoint Presentation ― Generation X [PPT] Characteristics of Generation X

PowerPoint Presentation ― Millennials [PPT] Characteristics of the Millennial Generation

PowerPoint Presentation ― Generational Diversity in the Workplace [PPT]

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