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There will be NO Roundtable at the regularly scheduled time and place on August 8th.  Roundtables will resume on September 13th on the second Thursday at Vancouver First Church of God, 3300 NE 78th St., Vancouver, WA.

Fort Vancouver District Barbeque

You are invited to the Fort Vancouver District Barbeque on Thursday, August 23rd, 6 to 9 pm.  The event is hosted by your Fort Vancouver Commissioner team.

*        Come enjoy a relaxing evening, casual attire, wear your favorite scout or camp t-shirt (if you have one), be prepared to share your best "What our Scouts did this summer stories".  (I'll be anxious to share my great one week experience at Camp Pioneer, and all about the big doings at WashJam 2012.)
*        Try your hand at our "non-Olympic style Beach Volleyball", "Cub Scout Croquet" and "Boy Scout Flying Disc Golf"  - there will be prizes!
*        Location: the outdoor pavilion and picnic area behind the LDS Church at the intersection of NE 50th Avenue and NE 99th Street.

PLEASE RSVP TO This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - SO WE KNOW HOW MANY HOT DOGS AND BURGERS TO ROUNDUP!  You are welcome to bring a spouse or friend - just let us know via RSVP by August 21st.  Thanks, I look forward to seeing you on Thursday the 23rd!

Youth Protection Training

Just a gentle reminder that Youth protection training must be renewed every 24 months for ALL adults who work directly with youth.  The time goes by so quickly.  Please do your part to comply with Scouting policy in this matter.

More Training

We will hold a classroom Leader Specific Training for all prospective leaders on September 29 at the Air Academy, Mill Plain Blvd and Grand Ave.  Mark your calendars and make sure the parents in your unit get the suggestion to attend.  When parents are new to Scouting, they are often hesitant to get involved because of lack of knowledge, ESPECIALLY if you have strong leaders already who know Scouting inside and out.  It can be daunting.  One of the great values of training is to eliminate that fear of the unknown for those important people who will serve your unit in the future.  Todd Kestner will have more later, but YOUR job begins now!


Training begins at 8 AM and ends in the early afternoon.  Bring your own lunch or plan to acquire in the neighborhood.

A Unique Eagle Project

A Scout is Reverent.  Faith is an important component of Scouting and of our community more broadly.  Life Scout Robert Litman of Troop 14 is a member of the Vancouver Jewish congregation which has been blessed with the opportunity to move to a new place of worship.  Robert's Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project is to organize the ceremonial movement of the congregation's Torah to the new building.  If you would like to support their congregation with your respectful attendance or active participation, please contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  There are always reasons to give thanks!

*        The next time you see Dale DeField, our District Chaplain (or his wife, Nancy), give them a hug and offer congratulations for the 50th anniversary of their marriage!
*        News came to me that our good friend and fellow Scouter, Jay Burke, had a successful liver transplant and was doing well.  Proof positive came when I saw him out walking in downtown Vancouver this week - he looked fabulous!

A closing thought:

Sometimes you read about lifesaving efforts by Scouts and Scouters in the newspaper, sometimes they go completely under the radar, usually because of the modesty of the people involved and the heartfelt belief that it was the only thing they could do.  Both have come to the fore very recently in our District.  To borrow some language from the Eagle Scout Pledge, " make my training and example...count my community."  Beyond the truism that the best place to have an emergency is when you're hanging around Scouts because they are all trained, the innate presumption that training has to be used when it is needed and that just isn't a big deal reflects the servant leadership that Scouting teaches.  Are we not all so fortunate to be influenced by this movement?

--Richard Krase--


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