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Eagle Scout Scholarships
Each year the Cascade Pacific Council Eagle Scout Association presents academic scholarships to outstanding Eagle Scouts as part of the annual Eagle Scout Celebration.

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Outdoor Education
Outdoor adventures are the heart of the Scouting program. For urban youth, particularly those at-risk due to poverty, getting out of the city to enjoy nature is simply out of reach. Even in Portland, which is full of amazing outdoor spaces, young people don't have enough access to active outdoor sports like hiking, biking, horseback riding, camping, boating, snowshoeing, swimming or rock climbing.

The Cascade Pacific Council provides 18 camp properties around the region where young people can enjoy year-round outdoor adventures as part of their Scouting experience. Several recent independent studies conducted by Harris Interactive for the BSA have consistently shown that participation in Scouting activities, even for periods as short as one year, helps young people of all backgrounds develop skills that will contribute to their ability to be self-sufficient adults. Check out the BSA Summer Camp Outcomes Study  and learn more about the impact of the outdoors on Scouts. During the last year, more than $62,537 in scholarships was provided to allow Scouts of all ages, including economically disadvantaged youth, a chance to participate in Scouting activities.


Community Impact Programs

The Cascade Pacific Council’s Community Impact programs serve at- risk youth from economically disadvantaged and ethnically diverse areas within our community with program activities for boys and girls ages 5 –20. Participants learn a sense of accountability and teamwork through outdoor adventures, as well as community service and leadership opportunities. Activities are designed to be challenging yet enjoyable and teach honesty, integrity, responsibility, and leadership. The programs provide positive adult role models that embody strong values and a commitment to serving others. Through this powerful teaching method, the programs promote teamwork and build self-confidence.


Financial support for direct assistance scholarships is vital to the continuing success of the Community Impact program. Many of the extra costs are heavily subsidized by the council. Your generous support will assist us in meeting the total costs of our programs. Contact Community Outreach District Director Lisa Dixon at 503-225-5724 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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