Friends of Scouting

What is Friends of Scouting?

Friends of Scouting is the annual fundraising campaign of the Calapooia District and the Cascade Pacific Council. The Friends of Scouting Campaign volunteers ask Scouting families, businesses and civic-minded citizens to support our mission of providing the Scouting program to Scouts in Linn County. The money raised is used to support summer camp and office maintenance, staff support, leader training, Roundtable, supplemental unit accident insurance, district programs, and much more.

Why should I give to Friends of Scouting?

Friends of Scouting provides roughly 25% of the money needed to operate the Cascade Pacific Council's Scouting camps, programs and facilities for a calendar year. These camping and training facilities are the "outdoor classrooms" in which Scouts have fun, learn leadership skills and develop into better young men and women. The Cascade Pacific Council spends approximately $200 per Scout to support the Scouting program for one year. The recommended annual donation is $200 to help support our youth in Scouting.

I already paid my child's registration and his unit collects annual dues. Haven't I already supported Scouting?

Your child's registration fee goes directly to the National Office of the Boy Scouts of America. If your child's Scout unit collects dues, that money stays with the unit to help pay for trips and other activities. None of that money helps the Cascade Pacific Council pay for facilities, staff, council programs, and the many services of the district and council.

When will it start and how do I get involved?

Each January, the Calapooia District conducts a Friends of Scouting Kickoff and Training to train unit chairman. Each unit selects a unit chairman to conduct a campaign for their unit. Most unit chairman makes a group presentation and encourage participation from all Scout families. The district Friends of Scouting team will make contact with every unit and offer them assistance and encouragement. The campaign operates from January to March of each year. For further assistance, please contact the District Executive, Bryan Thompson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .