Financial Aid


Youth members, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Venturers, and their parents pay their share. Youth members pay for uniforms, handbooks, personal equipment, camp fees, and their Scouting unit’s dues.

Financial Assistance

What is it and who benefits?

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The Scoutreach program of the Calapooia District of the Cascade Pacific Council, Boy Scouts of America provides youth the opportunity to participate in Scouting who would normally not be able to participate due to their family's economic situation. Scoutreach is a limited scholarship fund that provides funding for youth registration, basic uniform cost, and a handbook. In some cases, it can provide funding for program fees for district events and/or a reduced rate on summer camp. The fund is available though a generous gift from the United Way of Linn County.

All youth can qualify if they receive FREE or REDUCED LUNCH at school.Boy Scout Image 2

What qualifications are required to participate in the fund?

The eligible youth are selected by his/her unit leader (Cubmaster or Scoutmaster) to receive a specific service or combination of services from the Boy Scout District. For example, membership fee coverage, uniform cost, camp fee reduction, and book fee assistance.

For membership, book, and uniform assistance, the benchmark is participation in the school free meal program.


The campership grant utilizes the Federal Poverty Guidelines as an initial guideline, but also takes into consideration extenuating circumstances on a case by case basis. We will utilize the existing campership rules at the council headquarters to make award determinations. However, we do not require proof of income to use the fund. The principle requirement is whether the boy is receiving free or reduced lunch at school to qualify.

Applications can be found through your unit leader or downloaded from the website.

Scoutreach levels the playing "field" for all youth creating opportunities for all boys to participate in Scouting.
Scouting has always believed that every boy should have the opportunity to participate in Scouting.

Units chartered by certain churches or civic organizations many have their own fund for low income youth. Families should inquire with their unit leaders before requesting financial assistance.

Units chartered by the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints should seek advice from church leaders before applying.

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No boy will be denied participation in Scouting for any reason.