Online Charter Renewal

Before begining the online charter renewal you need to complete the following steps:

1. Select an adult to complete the online process.
2. Obtain your access code from your District Executive or District Commissioner. 
3. Review the Frequently Asked Questions & complete the online charter renewal tutorial.(Access code not needed for tutorial).
4. Round up the needed information. Note: Fees calculated during online charter renewal are for 2014. For new members you must pay remaing 2013 registration.


Pro-Rate Month

BSA National
Registration Fee

Boys' Life













(Full Year)




NOTICE: During November and December on Saturdays from 6pm to Sunday 6pm the National system will be down for maintenance and updating. During this time you will be able to work on charters that have already been started, but you will not be able to start new charters. 


After completing the above steps you are ready to begin by going to: