Cub World at Scouters' Mountain


Cub World at Scouters' Mountain 


Cub World open2013-07-25 19.23.07ed in 1990 as the first Cub Scout resident camp in the Cascade Pacific Council. This year’s “Spy Scouts” program at Cub World is designed for graduating 1st and 2nd grade Cub Scout Cadets, and welcoming older Elite Spies to return to our exciting final season at Cub World. We invite all Scouts in training to be a part of the exciting transition and celebration as we prepare to travel to our new training facility at the Butte Creek Scout Ranch in the summer of 2016. Scouts will travel back in time to the days of Pioneering and experiencing the Old West.

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Our current Spy Scout Training Facility for 2015 is located at Scouter’s Mountain, in the outer southeast Portland metro area of Happy Valley. The Spy Scout Academy Trainers have taken note that this may be a cadet’s first venture into the world of a spy. Have no fear, every effort is being made to insure the safety and comfort of each cadet while under the tutelage of the JASOC Commander and her Elite Spy Trainers. Although it is close enough to be convenient, our facility is far enough away to give you a real, once in a lifetime camping experience.

Fort at Cub World

Cub World at Scouters' Mountain boasts a full-service dining hall, trading post spy gear facility, and adult/camper shower house. The Cadets Sleeping facilities are theme oriented and include the option to sleep Behind Enemy Lines (Teepees), in the Barracks (Boxcars), or the Compound (Fort). The youth areas have built-in bunks and all have wood floors. All adults need to bring their own tents to sleep in. Bringing sleeping pads will assure a restful nights sleep before undergoing more training each day. 

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A fun, safe, and adventurous program is the goal of every Cub World staff member. This year's theme will invite the scouts to participate in their "Scout Spy Academy Training Program," provided by the well-trained and enthusiastic Cub World Staff. The aims of Scouting are our aims; the methods of Scouting are our methods. Liaisons (adults) and Cadets (scout spies) will even have the opportunity to accept this season's final mission.

360 1392 Our Mission is Top Secret! Scouts, your mission, should you bravely accept it, begins with your attendance of training in the field of espionage at Cub World this summer. Cub World’s program gives these spies on the rise the opportunity to test their ability in multiple capacities. Cadets have the opportunity to explore theme-related crafts, field sports will test there agility in the Spy Physical Challenge, and the BB-gun and archery training facilities will help them master their marksmanship. Spies will explore our specially designed NOVA program by testing their knowledge in science and engineering. Exploring nature will develop their understanding and mastery of outdoor survival as an Elite Spy. Scouts will enjoy evening campfires, whittling-chip and wood project classes. Liaisons that come to Cub World can also learn to escape in  a slippery situation on our 100-foot waterslide "Operation Dragon's Tongue," found only at Cub World. This is something you have to see to believe! Cadets can take advantage of team driven advancement opportunities and each adult leader Liaison will be given a list of the requirements fulfilled in each activity to encourage the youth to  "Do Their Best" during tehir stay and craft their skills to become a Master Spy. Liaisons and Cadets must abide by the Spy Code of Ethics set forth by The Scout Spy Academy.


Camp Dates and More Information

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Its easy to make a camp reservation and get additional information; just visit the Summer Camp Reservations Page. For current camp dates, check out the Dates & Fees page.

For more detailed information, check out the Leaders' Guide.


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