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Cub Scouts in Cascade Pacific Council are in for a treat each and every summer of their Cub years.  Ten local day camps and three overnight camps are designed to help the youngest Scouts ease into wonderful camping adventures, beginning with day camp, then two-night camps, and finally progressing to a full-week adventure that will prepare them to become Boy Scouts.  There are also options for the whole pack to camp together; check out our All-Pack Camping sessions at Butte Creek and Camp Clark. All of this is part of our Ages and Stages plan:

Ages and Stages:

Our camps are planned to serve specific ages so that boys progress from camp to camp as they grow and their interests change. This progression also gives them a variety of camp experiences from summer to summer. The All-Pack Camping sessions offer the opportunity for boys to return to the same camp but have different experiences as they progress through the Cub Scout program. 

Day Camps operate on a five-year rotation of themes so a boy could attend five years in a row (if he were unable to attend resident camp), and have a different experience each year. Day Camps are generally local and are offered during the daytime hours only. Some day camps offer a twilight option (early evening hours).

Cub World is a three-day, two-night resident camp that operates on a two-year theme cycle, such as Spy Academy and Galatic Knights. Many Cub Scouts attend Cub World twice before they move on to Butte Creek.

First Year Webelos attend Butte Creek, also a three-day, two-night resident camp. This camp offers a program filled with elements of the Ol' West and cowboy adventures.

Camp Clark gives the Second-Year Webelos a full week (five-night) camping experience which helps get them ready to join Boy Scouts the following year, and the program is designed to help the Second-Year Webelos start learning basic Scouting skills in preparation for the Boy Scout program.

NEW! All-Pack Camping is now available at Butte Creek beginning in 2015! Your whole pack will enjoy Ol' West cowboy adventures. Tigers through Bears will experience age-appropriate activities, including gold panning and pioneering, while the Webelos experience a more progessive program, including geology and an introduction to horses.

All-Pack Camping at Camp Clark includes 5-days and 4-nights of fun at the Oregon Coast. Tigers through Bears will experience what it was like to be on the Oregon Trail, while the Webelos will continue to learn basic Scouting skills in preparation for Boy Scouts by experiencing the new Native American Village.


Cub Scout Camps

Recommended Age/Grade

Day Camp 

Recommended for new Tiger and Wolves, ages 6-7 (summer after Kindergarten, boys can join Cub Scouts in June)

Cub World

Recommended for new Wolves and Bears, ages 7-8 (summer after 1st and 2nd grade)

Butte Creek

Recommended for new Webelos I, age 9 (summer after 3rd grade)

Butte Creek All-Pack Camping

Recommended for all ages, Tigers through Webelos II

Camp Clark

Recommended for new Webelos II, age 10 (summer after 4th grade)

Camp Clark All-Pack Camping

Recommended for all ages, Tigers through Webelos II


Camp Dates and Fees

An overview of camp dates and fees can be found here. They are also listed individually on each camp page.


When you are ready to make a reservation, you can go to our Reservations page to find out all the details. You have the ability to sign up online or by mailing in a form to one of our Council Service Centers.

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