Boy Scout Summer Camps

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Cascade Pacific Council offers three high-quality summer camps for Boy Scouts.  Each is unique in its own way, offering Scouts a wide variety of outdoor experiences.

Camp Baldwin
Baldwin is known for its string of horses and for a well-rounded high adventure program.  This excellent camp operates a commissary-style foodservice, and emphasizes the patrol method in camp. 

Camp Cooper
Cooper is known for its unique natural setting and 85' waterfallin the middle of the Coast Range.  This seclude camp features a COPE course as well as other outbound high adventure activites. 

Camp Meriwether
Meriwether is one of the few Scout camps in the nation to be situated on the Pacific ocean.  This beachfront camp offers a traditional Scout camp experience at a memorable location.

Camp Pioneer
Pioneer is well known as a mountain-top experience in more ways that just its setting nestled in the foothills of Mount Jefferson.  This camp provides an excellent statt-to-camper ratio, and features outbound hikes and activities.


Pre-Camp Leader Meetings

One surefire way to get all the info you need for summer camp is to have at least one adult leader represent your troop at a Pre-Camp Leader Meeting. At this event, meet your camp director to get information and ask any questions you have about your camp.

Leader Guides and Download Resources

Leader Guides are available (published in February and April for the current year) to help leaders get troops ready for camp.  


Its easy to make a camp reservation, just visit the Summer Camp Reservations Page.

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