Property Improvements

Property Improvements 
A number of projects are recently completed or underway to at council properties as we continually work to improve each property for the use of Scouts and Scouters.


Riding arena at Butte Creek
IMG_0522-thumbsA new covered arena for horsemanship instruction during inclementweather is nearly complete. It will also serve to help developmentally disabled children in an equine therapy program. Phase One Completed 2009; Phase Two ongoing.

Remodel Salem Scout Store
The Salem Scout Store in the Salem Volunteer Service Center has recently been remodeled for better customer access. Completed 2009.

New campsites of Mini-Dacs at Camp Meriwether and Butte Creek
These new 'tents' are the same footprint as a canvas tent, but have wooden walls and metal roof. They are cheaper to build than a platform and canvas tent, and will last much longer. They also permit year-round camping (the canvas tents are removed at the end of each summer), allowing more packs and troops to utilize camps with these designs all year long. Completed 2009.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)
AEDAEDs have been secured, through donations and capital funding, for Salem and Portland offices, and for all resident camps. These lifesaving devices are an important part of our effort to Be Prepared for medical emergencies. Completed 2009.




Improvements to septic system at Big Lodge, Meriwether
The Big Lodge septic outflow has been connected to the newer septic system for the old dining hall, along with the outflows from two cabins. Completed 2009.

Salem office wheelchair ramp and entrance door remodel
The Salem office has a new ramp and entrance door to allow easier access for members and visitors. Completed 2009.

New camp director / ranger house at Butte Creek
The addition of a second full-time ranger at Butte Creek two years ago necessitated the addition of housing. Two rangers are necessary to handle increasing maintenance issues in the ten-year old camp in addition to all the animal husbandry tasks that are necessary year-round. A manufactured home was installed in spring 2008.

Showerhouses at Meriwether and Clark
Three showerhouses have been completed in recent years, providing vast improvements over the previous facilities. Completed 2007.

Repair roof at Portland office
Maintenance repairs have been made to the roof at the Portland office to fix leaks. Completed 2007.

pipe into ditch-thumbsBaldwin water system replacement
It's not a very visible project, but that's the whole point. Water is once again reliably and safely delivered to all buildings, campsites, and program areas in camp after completely replacing the underground water delivery system. Completed 2007.

Wood-fired furnaces at winter lodges
These very efficient furnaces still consume split wood like the old stoves, but are electronically controlled and much more efficient, meaning we burn less wood. Completed 2006.

New dining hall at Camp Meriwether
4-thumbsThose who have not visited Camp Meriwether since construction of the new dining hall will be impressed with its size and capacity, as well as the new location up on the bluff, which enhances the summer camp operation. This was the keystone project of the capital campaign, and a well-designed and very useful facility at this popular camp. Completed 2004.


Other recent capital improvements:

(most of this list are 2009 improvements)

  • New ice machine at Baldwin to serve thousands of campers
    New mountain boards at Baldwin for new program offering
    Several outhouses and many tent platforms built at all resident camps
    Perimeter fencing repair at Butte Creek Scout Ranch
    Ranger house footing repair at Butte Creek
    Corral fencing repair at Butte Creek
    Helmet and tack replacement at Butte Creek for horse program
    Dining hall ceiling repairs at Butte Creek
    Road upkeep (pothole abatement) at Meriwether and Clark
    Salad bar at Adventure Cove for sanitary salad serving
    Renovation of restrooms in Camp Clark dining hall
    New lighting and white wall paint in kitchen at Camp Clark to improve work conditions for kitchen staff
    Cooper waterfront fence replacement
    Baldwin waterfront fence replacement
    Cooper new footbridge built
    Cooper COPE platform replacement
    Two (used) ranger trucks purchased
    Six new rifles for Boy Scout camp ranges, part of ongoing rifle replacement cycle to offer good firearms to young shooters
    Camp Ireland temporary bridge constructed and installed to provide access to lower meadow while old bridge is repaired
    Relining and new pumps for two wells at Camp Lewis
    Relining and new pump for well at Camp Morrison
    Renovation of ranger home at Meriwether to improve livability
    Renovation of camp director home at Camp Clark to allow year-round residence of new ranger. Insulation, double-pane windows make winter living possible in this old cabin.
    Electric line replacement to staff city at Meriwether and to shop buildings - aggressive coastal erosion of metal wires led to necessary replacement for safety purposes
    Exterminator service at Camp Morrison - has not completely solved a lingering rodent issue, but a great improvement
    Cellular amplifier installed at Camp Pioneer to improve cellular reception, a vital link to the outside world at this remote camp
    Painted QM building at Camp Pioneer
    Replaced well house at Camp Pioneer
    Replaced bridge at Camp Pioneer that was damaged by snow
    Portland office repainted fading stripes in parking lot
    Re-carpeted limited areas of Portland office, focusing on most heavily-trafficed areas (2008)
    Replaced two failing refrigerators at Aubrey Lodge
    New (used) freezer for Aubrey Lodge to serve long-term summer guest groups
    Plumbing repair at Nanitch and Aubrey lodges
    Trading post door at Cub World added to improve traffic flow
    Failing hot water heater replaced at Golda's Kitchen at Cub World
    Improved Tot-Lot area at Camp Discovery
    OA Lodge built new obstacle course at Camp Ireland
    Failing ice machine replaced at Camp Pioneer
    Repaired several canoes and rowboats at Camp Meriwether

This is not a complete list...projects continue at properties are always in need of maintenance and improvement...



New climbing tower at Camp Meriwether
The climbing tower at Meriwether is in need of replacement, and a new design is in development, based on successful towers built by other camps. The tower is planned to be ready for summer 2010.





New nature center at Meriwether

Camp Pioneer rifle range: Rebuild shooting platform, install summer-use canopy, improve backstop

New tent platforms at many camps to replace worn platforms

New outhouses at many camps to replace aging outhouses

Dry rot repair at Nanitch lodge

Replacement .22 rifles at Boy Scout camps to replace worn rifles

Camp Morrison lodge extermination / potential ceiling remodel

Various small projects to upgrade camps to OSHA standards




  • Remodel kitchen at Camp Clark - This kitchen needs many improvements for safety and to improve meal preparation flexibility
  • Renovate Meriwether staff cabins to fix moisture problem
  • Repaint boxcars at Cub World
  • Renovate all bathrooms at Aubrey and Nanitch lodges to improve cleanliness, plumbing, and lighting
  • Update bunks at Aubrey and Nanitch lodges to assure compliance with new bunk rules
  • Replace docks at Camp Pioneer they're aging and in need of replacement with docks that can withstand heavy snowload
  • Remodel kitchen at Camp Cooper; install pass-through window for better serving line and dish service
  • New sound system for Meriwether dining hall to improve acoustics for dining announcements and for meetings
  • New nature trail at Meriwether
  • Solar wind power generator at Meriwether to offset some electric costs
  • Recycling program enhancement at all resident camps - to improve recycling at dining hall and other areas
  • Solar cells at Cooper ranger home (energy & diesel conservation)
  • Winterize dining hall at Baldwin and add staff cabins with heat for future year-round and winter-focused program offerings at Baldwin
  • Winterize dining hall at Butte Creek to better withstand freezing temperatures so it can be better utilized year-round
  • Yurt village at Camp Clark to replace aging staff cabins and provide year-round family camping opportunities
  • New ranger house with guest reception and information center near entrance to Camp Meriwether, allowing a gate-side presence for greeting guests and to provide better security


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