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Adopting a Project is a great opportunity to help improve your camps!

Many troops have asked how they can help maintain our properties. The projects have met the volunteer hour requirements for advancement, built skills and created a renewed sense of ownership and enthusiasm within the troop. The projects provided an opportunity for additional involvement among adults.

Maintaining excellent facilities for Scouts and leaders is a top priority for Cascade Pacific Council. Often, though, there are more projects that need to be completed than time and financial resources allow.

Council camps rely on volunteer supported work days and weekends to make camps better for all users. Packs and troops can also take on service projects at any council camp, or help the Adopt-a-Camp project program.  A few current projects are listed below:

List updated February 26,2014


Camp Project Comments
Portland Service Center Weeding and pruning General spring clean up around the Portland office. This is a good project for younger Scouts or Webelos. This could be split up into two projects.
Portland Service Center Spreading bark Will need to be scheduled after weeding and pruning project
Portland Service Center Patio area spruce up Basic clean up, pruning of the Portland office patio area.
Scouters Mountain Clearing Brush Groups should bring gloves, pruners, chainsaws, rakes and possibly a chipper. The ranger has some tools but whatever your group could bring would help.
Scouters Mountain General Cleaning Help Not that thousands of visiting kids are tough to keep up with, but who couldn't use the help? The dining hall, shower house, box cars and such could alway use some touch up.  Windows, wiping walls, bunk mattresses, floors or shopvacing the dust would all make a diference!
Scouters Mountain Painting Some sign touch up and a fresh coat on the gates would make things look good.
Scouters Mountain Remodel of Caboose We would like to utilize the caboose for more then something to look at. I have no set ideas for what to do with it so bring me your ideas (ie: Adult lounge, adult or youth sleeping area) This is a non funded project adoptive group would need to secure materials by donation or other means.
Camp Cooper Nature trail work. We need people willing to cut trail, pull, move and remove plants. No financial outlay required. Tools provided. One eight-hour work day, from 8 to 30 scouts.
Camp Cooper Exterior Building Brush Clearing We are looking for people to removing brush away from structures. Tools provided. One eight-hour work day, from 8-20 scouts.
Camp Cooper COPE Course Clean Up This course is for the most part in good condition.  There will be some brush removal to improve visibility, safety and usablity of the area. Tools provided.
Camp Cooper Lake rehab. We will need access to one bulldozer with bucket, and one 5-7 yard dump truck, plus qualified, *talented* operators and fuel. The swimming area at Cooper is hardpan packed with pit-run, though over the last several years the area has silted in rather badly. We want to move the silt to the upper parking lot, in part to enlarge the existing lot. Food and lodging will be provided, as this project could take up to four eight-hour days to complete. Bonus points for access to a lake dredge.
Meriwether Brush removal Clear brush back from around all structures. Clean up limbs and pile along the nearest road.  You choose how much you would like to accomplish.  This stuff grows back fast every year.  This can be done in just about every campsite and program area.
Meriwether Sand removal from adirondack bases Many adirondacks have sand agains the base of the structure.  This traps moisture and shortens the life of the building.  With the costal wind and rain, this is a reoccuring project.  Shovels can be found in the commie shack.  Find a campmaster for a key to the lock.  Move the sand to a place out of the way of travel.
Meriwether Sand removal - Bucaneer campsite Bucaneer campsite has sand piling up around several adirondacks.  Shovels can be found in the comissioner shack.  Find a campmaster for a key to the lock.  Move the sand to a place out of the way of travel.
Meriwether Adirondack repair There are a number of adirondacks around camp that could use floor boards replaced, graffitti sanded out, and clothing racks repaired.  This  project a would need to be lead by someone with carpentry skills.  Please contact the camp Rangers before planning to preform this service project to get the correct materials.
Meriwether Trail clean-up Trails throughout camp can always use sprucing up.  Tools can be checked out on weekend from the campmasters at the comissioner shack.  Or you can bring your own non motorized tools.
Meriwether New Climbing area painting The gables,and facia boards of the entry room are in need of primer and paint.  Check with the rangers to see about materials and tools.
Butte Creek Building painting Ongoing projects to paint the fences, flammables shed, out buildings and adirondaks.
Butte Creek Campsite repairs Platform repairs, land clearing around sites, campsite development
Butte Creek Trail maintenance building new trails and maintaining old trails
Butte Creek Outhouses Painting, and wall cleaning
Butte Creek Wagon repair paint and restore wagon
Butte Creek Log cabin repair This is a big project that needs funding, engineering to replace rotting logs at the base of the old log cabin.
Butte Creek Arena Classroom Funding and work needed to build a storage / classroom area at the front of the new arena.
Butte Creek Arena front porch complete the front porch on the new riding arena
Butte Creek Gas shack construct a "gas shack" fuel storage shed.  Funding needed.
Butte Creek Storage building construct a wood and maintenance storage shed to keep materials out of the weather
Pioneer Stump grinding  Removal of dead trees over the years has left many stumps in inconvienient locations.  If you have access to a stump grinder and the ability to use it safely, please contact the ranger.
Pioneer Fishing docks repair  Replacing broken boards and nailing down the loose ones would improve the safety of the fishermen who are concentrating on retrieving their lure and not where they are stepping.
Pioneer Campsite dining shelters  We have the plan and materials list.  There is not much to assembly as these have to be laid down every winter.  Materials needed.
Pioneer Camp signs for campsites and program areas  Do you have a talent for painting, woodworking or design?  We'd love the help.
Pioneer New outhouse construction  Parking lot location
Pioneer Water system repairs  We drain the system every year but somehow after 15 feet of snow there always seem to be leaks in the spring.
Pioneer Siding and roof repairs on KYBOs  Many of the KYBOs are just showing their age. These are small structures that just need some general carpentry,roofing and painting.  Non-funded project, materials needed.
Pioneer Electrical Repair  Some of the older electrical lines could use the help of a profesional electrician. 
Morrison Outhouses repair / rebuild outhouses
Morrison Picnic area repair plumbing to shelter, clean off roof
Megans' Meadow Brush clearing clear brush around caretaker house, around old house, around outbuilding
Megans' Meadow Trail building create short hiking trails into the woods
Megans' Meadow Poison Oak abatement Help clear out poison oak to make open areas ready for troop use
Megans' Meadow Campsite development Create simple campsites for weekend troop use.  Fire-ring, tent areas only.
Salem Office Landscaping beautify the landscaping aruond the office and grounds
Salem office Painting interior painting of walls

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