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Butte Creek Scout Ranch is located 30 miles Southeast of Oregon City and 30 miles Northeast of Salem in the foothills of the Cascades. The property is approximately 640 acres, lying on both sides of Butte Creek. Butte Creek has both native cut throat and rainbow trout along with a small run of steel head. Fishing is allowed in accordance with Oregon State Fish & Wildlife game regulations.

Summer Program:

Gilbert Ranch is Cascade Pacific Council's newest Resident Camp. Opened in 1997, Gilbert Ranch is located at Butte Creek Scout Ranch near Scotts Mills, Oregon, and is open to Webelos age boys. The moment each Webelos Scout steps onto main street and lays eyes on the old western town of Butte Creek, he will find it easy to imagine himself as part of the old west.

Camp Sessions are 3 days / 2 nights and run from July through mid August. Scouts and leaders stay in large two man platform tents. Each pack stays in a campsite identified by different "brands." The Brands are Setting Sun, Lazy B, Yellow Rose, Happy River, Circle T, 2 of Hearts, Flying J and Rocking K. Meals are served in a large full service dining hall.

Program highlights include horseback riding, BB gun shooting, panning for gold, archery, and of course Cowboy Campfires!

A very special Girls' Camp is also offered, for girls ages 8 through 14, with all the program activities that the boys enjoy, from horseback riding and gold panning to bb and archery.

For more details about the Cilbert Ranch summer program, please see the Gilbert Ranch page.

To place a reservation for summer camp, use the summer camp reservation form.

Weekend Camping:

An exciting horseback riding program occurs nearly every weekend, September through early June at Butte Creek. Weekend camping faciilities consist of eight 10 person Adirondacks, 30 two-person Mini-Dacs, tent sites, and 640 acres of hiking and camping wilderness. Located near Scotts Mills & Silverton, Oregon. Reservations and tour permits required.

Weekend Horse Riding Program
Butte Creek Scout Ranch offers both half-day and full-day rides for folks of 2nd year Webelos age and up (persons younger than second-year Webelos are not able to ride on these weekend rides. Why not?). Second-Year Webelos are able to take 1/2 day rides, Boy Scout age and up may take 1/2 day or full-day rides.

Morning and full-day rides start at 9:00 a.m. with approximately a half of an hour orientation. Please arrive a few minutes early, ready to go. Morning rides return to the barn at noon.

Afternoon rides meets at 1:00 p.m. and return at 4:00 p.m. Please arrive a few minutes early, ready to go. Depending upon what your troop wants to do, a full day ride may or may not come back to the barn at lunch.

All riders should wear suitable riding attire, taking into consideration weather conditions. We ride rain, shine, or snow, so be prepared. Long pants, a coat and a helmet are required. Heeled boots are strongly suggested.

Supervision: All rides are supervised by trained wranglers. Boy Scout and older units need to provide a minimum of 2 adult leaders for troops. Second-Year Webelos rides require one adult per 2nd year Webelos.

There is a minimum of 10 riders for a ride to take place.

Weekend Camping
There are 8 Adirondacks available, generally for troops that are participating in the weekend riding program.  Each Adirondack sleeps 10 on bunks, and has a picnic table.  There is a centrally located campfire bowl, water facility and outhouse. Most troops choose to cook on propane stoves or with dutch ovens. The Adirondacks are all in one site and accommodate more than one troop at a time, so plan on getting to know your neighbors.

Butte Creek has an established primitive tent site about 1/4 mile walk from the parking lot, with outhouse, running water, campfire area, and plenty of open area to set up tents.

If your troop wants more of a camping challenge, you may wish to try one of the unimproved sites. They are located everywhere and we provide nothing. Your troop needs to be totally self-sufficient and be prepared for at least a 1/2 mile walk.

The picnic area is designed for day use only for units not wishing to camp. The facility has a 24'x36' covered area, 10 picnic tables, running water, 2 small barbecues, 1 large barbecue, and a campfire bowl with benches. This is a great place to hold a pack meeting.

There is no firewood provided at this facility. If you do not wish to gather firewood from the surrounding area, please plan to bring your own wood from home.

There is no garbage service available; please plan to pack out all trash.

Vehicles need to be kept on the designated roads and in the parking areas only. Roads at the ranch are for horses and pedestrians. Please use your vehicle only to come into and out of camp, not for transportation around camp.

With this ranch being so close to the Portland and Salem area, it is an easy-to-access, and thus popular back country camping facility.

To place a weekend camping reservation, please CLICK HERE to access the online property reservation system for pricing, scheduling, and other details.  If you have further questions in making a reservation, please contact Volunteer Services at 503.225.5759 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Why can't first-year Webelos ride on weekend rides when all Webelos at summer camp can ride?
Weekend rides are more advanced and demanding than are those offered at Gilbert Ranch during summer camp sessions. Summer camp rides are intended to be introductory rides to give a brief experience to young boys. These introductory sessions are geared-down in length and difficulty to ensure that every boy at summer camp gets a chance to learn a bit about horses even though many of those boys are too small to enjoy a more difficult, longer ride. We hope that those boys will return later as Second-Year Webelos (or older) to enjoy a more lengthy and in-depth riding experience. In order to keep weekend rides a fun and safe experience for all riders, there is a minimum age of Second-Year Webelos-age.

Facility Rental:

These facilities are available for rental by guest groups.  Please CLICK HERE to access the online property reservation system for pricing, scheduling, and other details.  If you have further questions in making a reservation, please contact Volunteer Services at 503.225.5759 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Property Facts:


Size: 670 acres

Location: Near Scotts Mills, Oregon, and about 15 minutes south of Molalla, Oregon.

GPS Coordinates:  45. 00.199 n  /  122. 35.493 w

Elevation: XXXft

Mailing Address: 13462 S. Butte Creek Road, Scotts Mills, OR 97375

Date Acquired: 1968

Maps: Click here to download trail maps of camp, and highway maps to camp

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