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The future of 2013

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We need more scouts. If you have been to any of the National Jamborees, both as youth or adult (even a visitor) please share your stories to fellow scouts. This is the first year at THE SUMMIT, which means its a new adventure for even those that have been before.

What will be at Jamboree?

Take a look around your district, there will be an informational night all about the new Jamboree site. What are some of the roles for Adults, what will the youth be doing? And the major question What is the Summit? If you have these questions or more, take a look on the right for the place closest to you.

How do I Sign up?

To sign up as a youth please click here.

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To apply to be on staff with the National council please click here.

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If you are already signed up and need to make a payment? Follow this link. You will login to the system and can make a payment! Questions? Call us at 503-226-3423.