Journey to Excellence

Each unit needs to be ready to turn in a completed Journey to Excellence evaluation no later than the December Roundtable. Below are a number of documents to get you started.

Depending on if your unit is a troop, crew, team or a pack, download or print off the appropriate file that says "JTE Spread." Once you open that file, you will see all of the units for your program type. Simply locate the unit number listed at the top, find yours, and print. Those are only to get you started- they are not meant to be the final close out. Some of the language has been simplified to fit it on the form. To see definitions on how values are calculated, points listing, and the full language, download the "Scorecard" for your program level.

No later than the December Roundtable, fill out and turn in the appropriate Scorecard for your program area. Please note that it needs to be signed by your unit leader. When you turn it in, we prefer that you meet with the district commissioner, a unit commissioner, or the district executive so that we can have a quick discussion.

Contact Info: District Commissioner Richard Chandler

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone 602-663-2267

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I look up who needs to be trained in my unit?

It's right here on the district website. Be sure to read the online training instructions carefully for dealing with reporting errors. Just reference the "Training Not Completed Report." Click here to go there now.


Current Scorecards and Spreadsheets

Other Frequently Asked Questions