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Cole Snass Lamatai Original PatchMay 6, 1944, a Lodge to serve Cascade Area Council was formed, it would later become the 259th Lodge. Its name, chosen from the Lenni-Lenape which means "Snow Mountain Lodge" for Mt. Jefferson, Cole Snass Lamatai. Seventy one campers and staff of Camp Pioneer were inducted and elected Harry Wiedmier as their chief. A decision to select the bear as their totem was enthusiastically endorsed.

During 1948, the Executive Board of the Portland Area Council on January 4, in accordance with National acceptance of the OA into the BSA program, gave permission for a charter to Beryl Morris, Advisor, and Nick Dodge, Acting Chief, to form an OA Lodge. A date for an Ordeal Induction was made with Tsisqan for a ceremony team and on November 18, 1950, 91 charter members assembled at Camp Millard. Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa PatchIt was a cold, damp evening and the candidates bared their chests in the early tradition of the Ordeal, only their expectations and a new sense of brotherhood warmed them. All were impressed with the ceremony, especially a Scout named Bill Boston, who became the elected Chief of the new Lodge called Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa, or the '"Great River that flows to the West" in Chinook. It became the 442nd Lodge chartered in the Order of the Arrow. The Douglas Fir was chosen as a fitting totem set on background of Mt. Hood and the Columbia River.

BSA's 50th Anniversary year with its special Jubilee camporees kept Arrowmen busy. The year was highlighted by a spectacular Jamboree at Colorado Springs. Many of our Arrowmen attended and a Skyloo Patchgreat activity in trading the new Lodge flaps took place. Phil Robins, National OA Secretary, serving the past five years in that position, was hired by the newly named Columbia Pacific Council as the Lodge Professional Advisor. Decisions were made to shorten the Hyas Chuck Kah Sun Klatawa name. The new chosen name, Skyloo, meaning "Land of the Mountain Sun" in Chinook, was adopted in 1960.

Merger PatchIn 1994 with the combination of Columbia Pacific and Cascade Area councils Wauna La-Mon'tay, "The Great River that flows from the Mountains" in Chinook, was born. The new found lodge adopted the totem of the bear from Cole Snass Lamatai, and the number 442 from Skyloo. Today, Wauna La-Mon'tay proudly serves Cascade Pacific Council with around 2,000 members.



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